September 2022 Newsletter

What's Happening This Fall at BP.... Exciting Expansions! Organics Facility Expansion To better service our customers we have again invested into expanding our organics facility. We turn waste from food manufacturing into animal feeds – interested to see it? Book a tour by contacting us! Waste-to-Energy Our newest service converts [...]

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Industrial Recycling Made Easy

We have worked with many businesses across western Canada that thought industrial recycling was very intimidating. We understood their hesitation considering that making changes to a corporation can be daunting. Since we noticed this pattern, we made it our goal to make the business recycling transition as simple as can be. In fact, we narrowed [...]

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3 Ways Your Business Can Help Wildfires in B.C.

British Columbia (B.C.) is currently undergoing the second worst wildfire in the history of the province. A lot of the cities that are within or close to the province have suffered the effects of this catastrophe through poor air quality. Unfortunately, that is the best case scenario. Other less fortunate areas have had to evacuate [...]

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Lush, A Strong Example in Industrial Recycling

Industrial recycling is a business activity that many market leaders deem mandatory. Organizations that care about the footprints they leave on our environment are well-liked by the general public. A perfect example of this is one of our clients, Lush Cosmetics. We have had the opportunity to help Lush on their mission to make the [...]

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Why is Corporate Recycling the New Thing?

We have all heard of the efforts that big companies enforce to eliminate the waste they create. Some businesses look at these efforts as something costly and time consuming. However, corporate recycling can actually be the opposite of those things. Corporate recycling can offer many benefits to your business and we thought we’d highlight some [...]

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Our Recycling Gift to Canada For It’s 150th Birthday!

Happy birthday, Canada. Turning 150 years young is surely a milestone, but continuously working towards shifting into an eco friendly country every year is an even greater accomplishment! Today we are proud to be working with so many environmentally conscious Canadian businesses that choose to recycle. We have joined forces with corporations that understand the need [...]

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How Your Business Can Keep Canada Green

Canadians are some of the most eco-friendly people in the world. Most Canadians prefer working for and supporting businesses that have strong corporate social responsibility codes. As we begin to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, we wanted to share some of the many ways that your company can help keep Canada green for another 150 years! This is what [...]

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Community Comfort using Plastic Pellets

Weighted blankets made with plastic pellets are used for therapy to create calming effects for those struggling with psychiatric, anxiety and autism disorders. Much like a human touch or hug, these blankets aide in releasing serotonin creating a soothing result. Blue Planet has proudly donated thousands of recycled plastic pellets to this beneficial therapy. To [...]

2020-03-16T11:47:45-07:00May 18th, 2017|Recycling|

Food Waste Recycling

Tasked with recycling over 150,000 lbs of ingredients from an ice cream plant, we utilized our organics recycling program where the food waste was re-purposed for animal feeds & fortifying organic soil. In the shipment we found over 1.5 million popsicle sticks. We thought it was a shame to run them through our wood program [...]

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Product Destruction to Creation

Blue Planet recently recycled 30,000 lbs of defective PET water bottle preforms (used to make water bottles by heating and blowing them up) We recycled these preforms into a ground resin used in a variety of applications: fibre for carpets, fleece fabrics for clothing, and plant pots.

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Product Destruction

There are many reasons finished products need to be destroyed. Our goal is responsible recovery within the destruction process. We were asked to destroy a failed product ready for market - plastic paint brush covers. The challenge with this project was the paper label attached to each piece. It would have been too labour intensive [...]

2020-03-15T20:16:12-07:00January 20th, 2017|Product Destruction, Recycling|

Reinventing “Organics Disposal”

Introducing organics recycling for food manufacturing, logistics & distributors. We carefully process and recover nutritional content from the products we recycle, converting waste into valuable feeds, proteins or organic soils. We recently recycled enough nuts to feed 10 farms instead of going to landfill. Many of our customers bundle our services, making for one efficient [...]

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Blue Planet Alberta Expansion Continues…

We have recently completed our Edmonton facility yard improvements and expanded Calgary and Lethbridge trans loading yards. This enables us to offer services in Alberta — North & South! Our Alberta services specialize in oil & gas plastic pipe, frac pond liner, industrial x-ray film silver recovery & chemical industry packaging.

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This year’s Juno Awards in Calgary featured an acrylic plastic stage floor. Blue Planet was the chosen recycler for these plastic panels. All the plastics we process are sent to carefully selected best end use manufacturing markets. All our programs are optimized so you enjoy reliable service, low program costs and the highest rebates in [...]

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