Delta School District Students Use The Virtual World to Help Us Save Ours

A School District in Delta BC, with the cooperation of a film academy, has created a novel way of showing students the correct way to recycle. School district recycling programs encourage students to make recycling a part of they future lives.

The Delta School District with the help of many school aged, eager children have created a video depicting an online game which awards prizes for getting the correct recyclable product into the right recycle bin.  Bells go off and the short film truly does make it seem like you are a part of the virtual world of recycling.

As an added bonus, The Delta School District added a quiz to its website encouraging students to see what they know about recycling.  Two entries will be picked at the end of February with one entry coming from an Elementary School and the other from a High School.  Both prize winners will be awarded a 16gig Ipad mini.  The quiz can be found at the following link:

What a novel way to get kids collaborating on how to get the word out there as to ‘what’ we can recycle and ‘how’ we do it correctly.  The Delta Film Academy says that it hopes that the video will encourage us all to do our part in recycling and engaging students in this way to save the planet and its resources.



We here at Blue Planet Recycling are proud of our next generation’s efforts to clean up our planet.