Canadians are some of the most eco-friendly people in the world. Most Canadians prefer working for and supporting businesses that have strong corporate social responsibility codes. As we begin to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we wanted to share some of the many ways that your company can help keep Canada green for another 150 years! This is what we came up with:

  1. Audit Your Waste Stream:   Landfill should be your last and most expensive option when it comes to “waste”. We see companies throwing out valuable items all the time.  Audit your waste, you will be surprised with the items that can be recycled and converted into something else later on.
  2. Review Your Purchasing:  There are substitutes available to chemicals, solvents and other inputs you are using in production.  It is much better for the environment and more inexpensive to deal with the packaging and residues from alternate materials that are not hazardous.
  3. Setup an Industrial Recycling Program with a Single Vendor like Blue Planet:  We get it, your business is busy and it’s not easy to find a vendor for each of your recyclable items. That is why we came up with a smart and quick solution, an all-in-one stop for recycling! Our one truck pickup can accomplish the overwhelming task of picking up several materials at once – hazardous wastes, fluorescent bulbs, plastics, wood and cardboard.
  4. Review Your Approach to Product Destruction:  Every industry has proprietary waste. This can range from prototypes, failed products, spoiled, damaged, returns, to even food!  You know the hassle.  Try using a company that can assure destruction but take components through to recycling.  It’s less expensive and more responsible than many conventional methods.
  5. Invest in a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan:  Remember, Canadians love working for eco-friendly companies. Get your employees involved and make changes to the way you handle your waste or product destruction streams. They will take pride in helping out!

There is no doubt that if we all work together, we will keep Canada green for another 150 years!