We have worked with many businesses across western Canada that thought industrial recycling was very intimidating. We understood their hesitation considering that making changes to a corporation can be daunting. Since we noticed this pattern, we made it our goal to make the business recycling transition as simple as can be. In fact, we narrowed it down to three steps for you.

1. Audit your business recycling efforts

The first step we take with each of our clients is to audit their current business recycling efforts and needs. This means that we will send a knowledgeable recycling expert to your location to assess your operation and understand all the products you have that can be recycled. This is very pain-free for you as we do all the work here!

2. Develop a customized industrial recycling plan

Once our recycling expert has assessed your business needs, we will come up with a customized industrial recycling plan for you. Yes, you heard us right, we do not offer cookie cutter plans. Each plan is designed individually to meet your precise business recycling needs. We take many things into consideration during the audit to ensure that you have the best plan possible.

3. Integrate industrial recycling program with your production requirements

We really do not believe in cookie cutter plans or programs around here. We understand that your production requirements are important and so we remain flexible with pick up schedules and packaging requirements. Additionally, we take the time to properly handle and process your incoming commodities. Why is this important? This is important because doing so means that our rebates are the best in the industry and our fees are low and efficient.

As you can see, making the transition into industrial recycling is not daunting at all, at least not with us! If you are ready to diversify your waste and feel good about knowing that you’re doing good for the environment, give us a call. We would love to come by and help you see exactly how much of your products can be turned into new goods!