Effluent Discharge Metering, Management and Compliance for photo, printing and medical industries. Available in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Seattle

We design, implement and maintain a headache free system to not only ensure municipal discharge compliance but also a clean and healthy environment.

It starts with a free survey and recommendations to provide discharge solutions for:

  1. Developer Usage Service CTP Waste Treatment (computer to plate), we supply developer neutralizer
  2. Chemical recycling (in house) by rejuvenation
  3. Effluent discharge metering and compliance management? Ctp processor waste and waste or wash water. DNS, PCX, DTS
  4. Discharge filtering and management solutions
  5. Film and Conventional Plate Processor Developer Equipment, DRS and Rejuvenator
  6. Discharge measuring and compliance recommendations

Common problems without effluent treatment:

  • Environmental harm. Water contamination (pH or heavy metal) is a serious issue that is easily avoided using our systems.
  • Expensive plumbing problems caused by the pH imbalance of photographic chemicals. The pH of your chemical may be the causing factor of your drain problems. When developer and fixer meet together in a drain, ammonia is instantly formed which clogs pipes.
  • Fines. Municipal, Provincial and Federal law may prohibit the discharge of certain effluent. Non-compliance with these rules can lead to hefty fines.