Plastic Poly Pipe, HDPE, and PVC Pipe

Plastic Poly Pipe, HDPE, and PVC Pipe

We specialize in pipe recycling for industries including: oil & gas, municipal works, contractors and hydro projects. We can handle large diameter and long lengths.

Our recently commissioned plant can handle huge volumes efficiently. We can accommodate end-dump or 53’ flat deck delivery or pickup. Please contact our sales team for a site specific quotation today.

Pipe is accepted clean, free from contaminants, fittings or other non-plastics.

Appointments are required for all deliveries.

Recycling Plastic Pipe (HDPE resin and PVC resin) is a multi-step process that requires very specialized equipment. Essentially, a finished end product – solid pipe pieces – are shredded, washed, melted and extruded into plastic pellets. These plastic pellets are then sold to a plastic reprocessor, who will use them in a specific manufacturing process (such as new pipe, underground utility boxes or septic systems) to create a “new” or “recycled” plastic product. The first step of the plastic recycling process is inspection, which takes place at Blue Planet Recycling. This process is designed to weed out any foreign materials, contaminants or other plastics. Because plastics have different properties and characteristics, most plastics recycling involves the separation of different plastics by resin type. The only noteworthy exception to this is plastic lumber, which can use different types of plastics.

After the plastic pipe is inspected, it is shredded, then ground. This serves to clean the material and to get it into a more manageable size for the next few processes. Some dirtier or cross-contaminated materials may require separation by flotation, where certain types of plastic will rise to the top of the flotation tank and others, because of their higher densities, will sink. From there, the plastic regrind is melted by heat and friction inside an extruder. The molten plastic passes through a screen where any remaining contaminants are filtered out. Little pellets emerge and are market ready. We are committed to selecting local markets for our reclaimed products—we look for local uses and support local extruders with recycled pipe materials.


Engineered pipe Generators of pipe scrap have a new option – recycling. Landfill fees, environmental awareness and cost efficiency are all addressed by recycling pipe HDPE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinylchloride) and ABS with Blue Planet Recycling. Plastic pipe is 100% recyclable! New regulations and landfill bans will eventually include pipe, but do the right thing now! Recycling is cost effective – in most cases we pay for HDPE pipe and accept most other pipe free of charge. For companies interested in maximizing their plastic pipe recycling, lowering their landfill tipping fees and increase their diversion rates, all you need to do is call.

We can offer a variety of removal solutions to our multi-acre yard capable of accepting millions of pounds of waste pipe. We accept pipe from a wide range of industrial pipe generators in the our locations served. BC (Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Okanagan), Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray), Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Washington State (Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma). We can offer these services to companies anywhere in North America.
We work with industries including oil and gas, fracking, directional drillers, municipal works, civil construction, agricultural, water diversion, irrigation, industrial, telecommunications, mining, and geothermal markets.


  • Industrial—mining applications, slurry and tailings lines
  • Culverts and cross drains
  • Oilfield—gas gathering systems, coal bed methane recovery
  • Siphon String—velocity tubing string, continual gas well fluid lifting
  • Water Services—municipal water service, diversion, storm sewer
  • Geothermal—geothermal earth loops
  • Conduit—electrical and communication, fiber optics lines
  • Municipal—potable water and sewage, diversion, temporary repairs
  • Liner Systems—HDPE and PEX resins
  • Rink Pipe—LLDPE and HDPE ice rink floors
  • Irrigation—golf course piping, agriculture and drainage
  • Mining/Forestry/Industrial