We offer mass wood recycling services. The wood we collect is sorted and used for different things depending on the quality. Clean wood is defined as solid wood, lumber or pallets that are unpainted, not stained, and free of glue. We also accept composite woods (painted, MDF or laminates), but at a higher cost as these materials are more difficult to recycle. There is a significant cost savings for industrial wood recycling which creates value due to the recent bans on wood going to landfill and being redirected to recycle.

Clean wood is first ground in a mulcher and all metals are removed. The now shredded wood can then be recycled into items such as fibre for paper, landscape mulch, hog fuel, compost or raw material for wood products. One advantage of recycled wood is it has a lower moisture content compared to new wood (approximately 20% as compared to virgin wood 60-70%) making it a better choice for certain applications as it is cheaper and no drying is required.

Another advantage of a lower moisture content means that for the same weight of wood purchased, you are paying for less moisture when it comes to recycled wood. The lower moisture content also means higher durability. Low moisture content makes recycled wood ideal for bio-fuel applications (hog fuel) where energy is created through the burning of wood fuel.

Recycled wood can be sent to board mills for the manufacture of chipboard, middle-density fibreboard (MDF) or OSB (Oriented Strand Board). Chipboard and fibreboard products are used in construction and furniture making. Your new kitchen could have been made from recycled wood!

Landscaping products or animal and poultry bedding is another example of use for the chipped recycled wood materials.. Some of the waste wood may also be made into wood chips for forest trails, running tracks or other ground cover products.

Blue Planet “wood” recommend recycled wood anytime!