Happy birthday, Canada. Turning 150 years young is surely a milestone, but continuously working towards shifting into an eco friendly country every year is an even greater accomplishment! Today we are proud to be working with so many environmentally conscious Canadian businesses that choose to recycle. We have joined forces with corporations that understand the need for a collective approach to recycling. These are the companies that identify the need to decrease costs associated with landfill operation and waste collection. All these proud Canadian businesses have chosen to trust us with their recycling needs and have had a huge part in helping us keep the following out of Canadian landfills and oceans in 2016:

Recycled Plastics

We recycled 11 million kgs of plastics in 2016 alone. We were able to re-supply 55% of these plastics to North American manufacturers for re-using purposes. Another 45% of these recycled plastics went to further reprocessing overseas. The best part? We were able to keep 100% of these plastics out of our oceans and landfills!

Organic Food Waste

During the same year, we recycled 217,000 kgs of organic food waste from distributors and food manufacturers. Organic materials were separated from packaging and sent to various optimized solutions–including fortified organics soils, animal feeds and protein rendering. As for the packaging, if it could be recycled, we found a way to do so.

Recycled Wood

Our wood program recovered over 300,000 kgs of wood waste in 2016, converting it into fuels, landscape materials and building products.

Hazardous Waste

With our Hazardous Waste Carrier license, we diverted more than 120,000 litres of flammables, acids and other dangerous chemicals into re-purposed fuels and paints. That’s 120,000 litres of waste that has been reused and saved from disposal.

We are so proud of having had the opportunity to recycle so many items and transformed them into new goods. Thank you to all of the businesses that came to us with your recycling concerns. You have played a very important role in helping us gift Canada a less wasteful land and oceans. Happy 150th birthday, Canada!