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We are certified, licensed and insured for hazardous materials recycling and we know what we are doing when it comes to dealing with your industrial non-hazardous and hazardous waste. All materials leave your premises with a transfer of liability through a government regulated load manifest. This is very important so that you are protected from fines or any future liabilities arising from improper disposal that may occur with non-licensed carriers or inexperienced handling of your products.

Disposal of most regulated hazardous and non-regulated non-hazardous industrial waste must be done responsibly to protect both people and the environment. Municipalities and the Ministry of Environment have strict rules in place on disposal of chemicals and other materials; even non-regulated and non-harmful materials such as coconut water (from the food industry) can be harmful if poured down the drain in concentration.

We can help with cost effective compliance to keep you both environmentally and legally compliant. We start with a free onsite consultation to check on your procedures, storage and disposal methods. We can provide the packaging you need and a regular pickup service. Combine this with our many other recycling services.

Worry Free Service:

Our staff are trained, certified and licensed. Our trucks are properly licensed, equipped and ready to go. We are committed to providing you with an economical, hassle free process. Hazardous materials leave your premises only after being entered on a government manifest to ensure that you are protected from any potential fees or fines that may occur if you were to utilize an non-licensed transporter or if someone else improperly handled the wastes.

It is of the utmost importance to have the knowledge of how to properly dispose of or recycle all hazardous and industrial non-hazardous wastes and we, at AG Envirotech, have just that knowledge. We are first and foremost concerned about protecting our customers and secondly of protecting the environment and our communities. Government and municipalities alike have strict regulations in place on how to handle and dispose of industrial and non-hazardous wastes and even innocent sounding materials such as corn syrup can have a negative impact on the environment if poured down the drain in large quantities.

Our solution is cost effective and thorough to make sure that all industrial hazmat and non-hazardous wastes are recycled, repurposed or disposed in a legally compliant and environmentally friendly process. Contact us below for a free onsite consultation so we can assess and assist you with current processes and containment and provide you with an estimate for the removal and disposal services. We are able to offer additional packaging, if needed, a scheduled pick up service and we can bundle this with our other recycling services.

How You Benefit from Our Services

  1. Avoid costly compliance penalties for effluent. Allow us to navigate stringent and changing municipal, provincial, federal effluent discharge codes
  2. Meet and exceed changing environmental laws and qualify as a “Green Business.” Good for your reputation, appreciated by your customers and clients, and more importantly, our planet will benefit. Good planets are hard to find!
  3. Add value to your bottom line through streamlining and efficiencies
  4. Rejuvenation and recycling of chemicals lowers costs
  5. Silver recovery can pay rebates and lessen environmental impacts
  6. Maximum scrap recovery from your operation
  7. Reduce waste disposal costs
  8. Reduce risks to the your workforce, business and the environment
  9. One stop recycling solution
  10. Improve Employee health and safety through air quality investment, minimizing hazmat risk and reducing waste handling.

Allow us to handle of all your Industrial Hazardous Recycling and Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal and Recycling needs in conjunction with a program or as a stand-alone service.

We are experts at finding ways to recover value from waste streams and developing new, resaleable products. Our innovative thinking has helped develop new markets for recycled products in many areas.

In conjunction with our other material recycling capabilities and product destruction services we can create a unique and efficient recycling program for your organization that encompasses all your waste streams. A truly single vendor solution.

By licensing, companies are held to a higher standard and assume the liability of transporting and proper recycling/disposal of your materials. Using non-licensed and non-regulated carriers can lead to future liabilities. Such was the case recently in the Fraser Valley, where the Ministry of Environment discovered a warehouse facility full of chemicals traced back to companies using the services of an “Environmental Services Provider”. Turns out the provider was collecting fees for disposal, all the while creating a toxic dump and leaving landlords with a massive cleanup bill. Companies responsible for using this non-licensed provider were asked to help in the multi-million dollar cleanup.

This can be a very dangerous liability for your business. Recently a situation arose at a recycler that was baling “empty” plastic barrels. Acid residue badly burned an employee. Following a Worksafe and Ministry of Environment investigation the barrels were found to have come from a company that did not use proper procedures for disposal and was subsequently fined. The burned employee was left with time off work and scars to his arms and hands. Luckily he was wearing glasses so he did not lose his eyesight. A little bit of residue may seem harmless, and free pickups are tempting, but when dealing with chemicals a lack of knowledge and experience can be deadly and puts your company and employees at risk.