Industrial recycling is a business activity that many market leaders deem mandatory. Organizations that care about the footprints they leave on our environment are well-liked by the general public. A perfect example of this is one of our clients, Lush Cosmetics.

We have had the opportunity to help Lush on their mission to make the world a better place by working together to solve some of their industrial recycling needs. This is a special treat for us seeing as the company constantly strives to reduce the environmental impact within numerous areas. Lush works on various projects within their manufacturing and retail operations to reduce their impact on energy, water, and transportation.

Asides from this, Lush supports small grassroots non-profits working to make positive change on environmental issues through their Charity Pot program. The business also runs environmental campaigns to raise awareness amongst their staff, customers and the community at large to foster change. Another area where the company strives to reduce is within waste. Lush is proud to be following the 4R’s for waste:

  • Refuse: refusing to use items if they are not necessary to their operations.
  • Reduce: reducing materials in their operations as much as possible.
  • Reuse: converting as many single use items to multi use items that can be re-used many times over.
  • Recycle: when items that are necessary for their operations make it through these first 4 steps, they look to recycle them.

So where does Blue Planet come in? Well, we had the chance to help the company with some not-so-easy-to-recycle items including but not limited to: gloves, chemical removal, and plastic barrels.

Lush’s sustainability coordinator spoke to us about what they look for in environmental partners: “We look for innovative partners to help us maintain the value of the materials and avoid sending these valuable resources into a landfill stream. In Blue Planet we have found a partner who strives to tackle these items that have limited end of life solutions which helps Lush minimize our landfill waste stream.”

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoy helping Lush accomplish their environmental goals. This is a company that truly aims to make the world better and we are very proud to be a part of their plan. Lush Industrial Recycling