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Blue Planet Recycling has a track record of success in helping businesses and industries in Calgary develop seamless, efficient and cost-saving recycling solutions while reducing waste and disposal costs.

Calgary has transformed from a western cowboy frontier town to a beautiful metropolitan city encompassing prairie skies meeting the Rocky Mountains. The city now competes with Toronto for the head office capital of Canada and is leading the way in recycling and stewardship.

In the last three years Calgary has recycled 208,125,000 kg of materials saving over 20,000 garbage trucks worth from being buried in the landfill. Recycling saves landfill space, and conserves precious resources. Calgarians have recycled over 178,582,000 kg of paper and cardboard, enough to make 250,000,000 notebooks and saves 3,000,000 trees from being cut down.

Plastic recycling in Calgary has been bolstered by awareness and initiatives alike and Blue Planet Recycling leads the charge with services for industrial and business clients throughout southern Alberta.

Rarely noted for environmentalism, Calgary and other cities in Alberta boast some the best records in Canada in terms of recycling and awareness. Organizations such as The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA), a not-for-profit, non-political organization formed in 1987 lead the way in both initiative and creating awareness.

Blue Planet has made a difference in Calgary with our focus on problem solving unique to specific regions and the needs of industries specific to Alberta. Our track record includes success in manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics and retail. Our Alberta specific services include pipe recycling for mining and oil & gas industries, thread-protector HDPE recycling initiatives for the drilling industry and our newest initiative in pond liner HDPE recycling.

Blue Planet Recycling offers recycling services throughout Calgary, Red Deer and southern Calgary. Our services can help you green your business, cut costs and streamline your waste disposal into a slick recycling program that gives back. Our services are designed to integrate with your facility and SOLVE your problems, not create headaches. We can set up recycling services to cover your plastic, metal, X-ray film and, wood and fiber.

Blue Planet Recycling services in Calgary are designed to work seamlessly within your business to enhance your green image through our focus on Simplicity, Customer Service, Environmentally Sound Practices, Optimal use of end markets and our problem solving capabilities gained from years of expertise and experience.

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