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Blue Planet Recycling has a track record of success in helping businesses and industries in Edmonton develop seamless, efficient and cost-saving recycling solutions while reducing waste and disposal costs.

Edmonton’s reputation as a “City of Champions” may have been earned by the Oilers, but Edmonton can truly claim to be a recycling champion. Edmonton is a proud global leader in waste reduction with one of the most comprehensive and convenient recycling systems anywhere.

The city’s well deserved economic success as a regional commercial hub for the energy industries has allowed it to develop many industries that benefit from large scale recycling initiatives, especially in partnership with programs. Blue Planet Recycling offers for scrap plastic recycling in Edmonton.

When it comes to taking out the trash, Edmonton really is the City of Champions.

As the city celebrates 25 years of curbside recycling, Edmonton continues to push initiatives that are leaving other Canadian cities in the dust. 93% of single-family households recycle voluntarily. While it seems odd for the capital of conservative hotbed Alberta to be a recycling leader, it all began as a matter of circumstance.

The City of Edmonton’s public landfill opened in 1975 with a capacity for 13.2 million tonnes of trash, and by the mid-’80s, officials were worried it was filling too fast. Instead of creating another landfill — an unpopular idea with residents — the city decided to start diverting as much waste as possible.

Today Edmonton diverts roughly 55% of waste from landfill through recycling. Recycled waste is sorted by workers and machines in the Materials Recovery Facility — dubbed “merf” — that is part of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, a 233-hectare site built in 1999 in the city’s northeast corner. The WMC is North America’s largest collection of modern, sustainable waste processing and research facilities.

Edmonton was also one of the first Canadian cities to build a composting facility in 2000, which is located at the WMC, and comprehensive eco stations located throughout the city let people can drop off electronics and hazardous waste. The Blue Bin program, implemented in 2002, offers on-site recycling at apartments and condos.

Critics argue the benefits of recycling are outweighed by the costs, though the process is continually becoming more efficient as new technologies are introduced.

Organizations such as The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA), a not-for-profit, non-political organization formed in 1987 lead the way in both initiative and creating awareness for plastics recycling in Edmonton.

Blue Planet has made a difference in Edmonton with our focus on problem solving unique to specific regions and the needs of industries specific to Alberta. Our track record includes success in manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics and retail. Our Alberta specific services include pipe recycling for mining and oil & gas industries, thread-protector HDPE recycling initiatives for the drilling industry and our newest initiative in pond liner HDPE recycling.

Blue Planet Recycling offers recycling services throughout Edmonton, Fort McMurray and area. Our services can help you green your business, cut costs and streamline your waste disposal into a slick recycling program that gives back. Our services are designed to integrate with your facility and SOLVE your problems, not create headaches. We can set up recycling services to cover your plastic, metal, X ray film and wood and fibre.

Blue Planet Recycling services in Edmonton and Fort McMurray are designed to work seamlessly within your business to enhance your green image through our focus on Simplicity, Customer Service, Environmentally Sound Practices, Optimal use of end markets and our problem solving capabilities gained from years of expertise and experience.

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