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Blue Planet Recycling has a track record of success in helping businesses and industries in Seattle develop seamless, efficient and cost-saving recycling solutions while reducing waste and disposal costs.

Welcome to Seattle, where the lush green rainforest meets the Pacific Northwest. Deservedly, Seattle enjoys a reputation for “green” living and one of the highest recycling rates in the United States.

In 2006, the city introduced mandatory recycling for both residential and commercial sectors, with businesses required to recycle a variety of waste including scrap plastic.

Seattle scrap plastic and other materials recycling has increased from 38% in 2003 to 50% in 2008. Seattle is amongst the most successful recycling cities in the US, a true leader in ‘Green’ urban living. And thanks to efforts and awareness, Seattle’s commercial and industrial sectors are a huge contributing force in recycling plastic.

Blue Planet Recycling offers recycling services throughout Seattle, Tacoma and area. Our services can help you green your business, cut costs and streamline your waste disposal into a slick recycling program that gives back. Our services are designed to integrate with your facility and SOLVE your problems, not create headaches. We can set up recycling services to cover your plastic, metal, X-ray film and wood and fiber.

Blue Planet Recycling services in Seattle are designed to work seamlessly within your business to enhance your green image through our focus on Simplicity, Customer Service, Environmentally Sound Practices, Optimal use of end markets and our problem solving capabilities gained from years of expertise and experience.

Blue Planet Recycling is proud to be working with industries and businesses in the local Seattle area since 2003, where our plastic recycling services have been adopted by local manufacturers, industries and large commercial operations. Scrap plastic recycling in Seattle has never been easier!

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