We maximize efficiencies by selling smart. All our reclaimed materials are sold for optimal value created by selecting local markets for our reclaimed products, processing materials to end product wherever possible and selling to innovative and progressive manufacturers.
We support North American industry by selling our products locally. This also allows us to save on shipping costs and lower carbon footprint. In addition, we can work closely on new products, sources and manufacturing techniques. This is our key to integrating different streams of materials and continually adding value to the materials we recycle.
Our recycled materials are used in many areas of manufacturing, in many broad categories

  • Resins are used for film, pipe, sheet extrusion and injection molding applications.
  • Reclaimed glass material is used in the reflective paint, insulation and sandblasting industries.
  • Wood and fibres are recycled into new pulp applications including paper.
  • Metals are re-used into new materials.
  • Organics are recycled for their nutritional components, from soils to animal feed