British Columbia (B.C.) is currently undergoing the second worst wildfire in the history of the province. A lot of the cities that are within or close to the province have suffered the effects of this catastrophe through poor air quality. Unfortunately, that is the best case scenario. Other less fortunate areas have had to evacuate their citizens in order to keep them safe. Trying to contain the fire has cost the province over $200 million dollars. Although most of us feel like we are helpless in this situation, we have come up with a list of three ways that your business can help wildfires in B.C.

Make Financial Donations to The Canadian Red Cross

As expected, the Red Cross is supporting the province by providing assistance to people affected by the B.C. wildfires. This includes anything such as COTS, blankets, and even getting family members together again. Of course, the organization also helps with financial assistance for food, clothing, and personal needs. You can help Red Cross accomplish these goals by donating directly to their Fires Appeal page.

Donate Supplies to Evacuee Centres

If your company is a manufacturer of products, you might be able to help the evacuee crisis by donating supplies. There are many evacuation centres throughout B.C. that you might be able to make these donations to. Additionally, there are several social media groups that are asking for businesses and the general public to pitch in supplies to help those in need.

Implement a Recycling Program

There is no question that a lot of our natural resources are being compromised with this wildfire. Business recycling is a key tactic to help the province heal financially and environmentally. This is not only going to help B.C. wildfires cause short term, but it is also going to ensure that our forests remain intact and healthy long term. If you have not already done so, Blue Planet can perform a recycling audit for your business in which we will create a strong plan for your corporate recycling needs. You will be surprised as to how much of your “waste” can be converted into new products and help the province conserve the trees that are still standing.

This is a time when we should all come together to ease the situation. There are many ways your business can help wildfires in B.C. through financial donations, supplies donation, and recycling. If we all work together, the damage will feel less intense.